Dor-2-Dor Franchise Benefits

We do not have enough space to explain all the benefits of becoming a DOR-2-DOR franchisee, but as a guide here are the main features:

  • Low cost start up

    Unlike many franchises, which require significant investment in equipment, vans, tools or premises etc. Dor-2-Dor requires none of these and everything necessary to commence operating the business is included in the Franchise Start-up Pack.

  • Exclusive area of operation

    We allocate to your franchise territory a set of specific postcodes. This is your exclusive area of distribution for your clients material. No other franchisee is permitted to operate in your Dor-2-Dor Distribution Zones.

  • Fully round mapped territory

    Your exclusive operation area will be fully round mapped into distribution zones. These are based on postcode districts, subdivided into demographically optimised delivery zones which are displayed on your local website for your clients to plan their campaigns.

  • Unique Deliver-IT workflow software package

    Deliver-IT, our bespoke software solution, is included with the franchise start-up pack complete with full training and on going support as required.

  • Full Training in all aspects of the business

    Full training includes an initial 2 day intensive training course which takes place at our head office in Harpenden. Following this further training sessions are available as required to help you build your business.

  • Telephone advice and support service

    The team at Dor-2-Dor head office are always on hand to help with any questions or problems you may have. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise regarding all aspects of leaflet distribution, design and printing for you to utilise.

  • Exclusive use of the DOR-2-DOR brand in your area

    Dor-2-Dor has been operating for over 29 years and in this time we have built an unrivalled reputation within the industry. We have engaged through the Direct Marketing Association with many major operators, including The Royal Mail, to acquire knowledge and expertise that support the brand’s eminence.

  • Excellent cash flow, most clients pay in advance

    Cash-flow is the life blood of any business and Dor-2-Dor has developed effective techniques for ensuring that clients are always willing to pay prior to the execution of their campaign.

  • Full artwork and printing service for your clients

    Through our sister companies, D2D-Print & D2D-Design, we are able to supply a full high quality design and print service to our franchisees at highly competitive rates. Utilising these services creates additional income with all work handled by head office.

  • A wide range of marketing material for your business

    To assist you in building your client base and the brand in your operational area we have created a comprehensive and effective range of leaflets, brochures & handouts etc. for you to engage and educate your prospects and clients.

  • Sales and Operational manuals

    The Dor-2-Dor system has been fully documented in a series of sales and operational manuals which are continually updated as the system grows and evolves.

  • Operate from home or a small office

    Operating a Dor-2-Dor franchise is very flexible allowing you to easily operate from home or a small office. As the business grows the opportunities to take on larger premises are at your disposal.

Local Dor-2-Dor Website

As part of your franchise we create a local website that features information relevant to your area including your zone maps, reviews and contact details. This gives you even greater visibility on the internet and helps to generate regular business from your area.

At DOR-2-DOR™ we conduct constant active search engine optimisation (SEO) on our websites, and we are proud to say that we feature prominently on Google and the other search engines, please check out our website at These websites are fully optimised so that they work perfectly on any device (desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone).

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