Things to consider

Buying a franchise is an important decision. Our franchise may not be for everyone and you will need to make a careful decision, in your own best interests.

Please ask yourself the following questions:

Do you have good communication and organisational skills?

You will need to feel comfortable in a sales environment. We are marketing experts so you will need to be confident when marketing yourself to prospects and clients.

Can you commit to providing a reliable quality service?

DOR-2-DOR is a valuable brand and we are a professional company. It’s important that you maintain that in your franchise territory. If this does not happen, the business will not work for you.

Are you a team player?

DOR-2-DOR is a network of individuals with a common interest. You will need to work with head office and your franchise colleagues for the benefit of everyone in the system.

Are you self-motivated?

When starting the DOR-2-DOR franchise our training and support will enable you to hit the ground running from day one. However, to quickly establish your business, you will need to work hard, especially in the early stages, while your business is growing.

Is Your Area Available?

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Are you prepared to offer an excellent level of customer service?

As part of your training in the DOR-2-DOR system we will walk you through all the procedures for running the business. This will enable you to get up and running quickly, you may not have a client from day one but by using the proven marketing material we have created and provide, you will soon have many.

Are you willing to work within a documented business system?

DOR-2-DOR is a proven business model, it needs to be applied properly and closely. We don’t tell you what to do but we do show you what we do and we expect you to do it our way. If you are strongly independent, then franchising may not be for you.

Can you handle pressure?

Owning a running a business is all about solving other peoples problems and needs. You will need to effectively manage your time and resources. Running your own business can be demanding and sometimes stressful.

Can you build and maintain relationships?

Providing quality customer service is of paramount importance. Our business is based very much on repeat custom from our clients. They will come back to you time and time again if they are happy you have done a good job and you are friendly and helpful in your dealings with them.

The Investment…